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On your feet, come with me

We are soldiers, stand or die

5/3/08 01:23 am

... I realize, I never did mention the results of that test, did I? If anyone's interested, yes, I'm going to have a child. It's still a bit hard to wrap my mind around, but I'll manage. I suppose I just needed to put on my big girl pants and see one way or another what was going on.

There's one other thing I don't quite get, though. I can't stand watermelon. Hate it, hate it, hate it. So tell me, why is that the only thing I want right now?! It's 1:30 in the bloody morning, but I'm half-tempted to put on some pants and go try to find somewhere open that sells it. D8=

... unless... Hm. Perhaps I could talk someone into getting it for me. Let's find out! >83

4/16/08 03:15 am

It's been quiet. Too quiet. I almost wish it wasn't, so I could stop fretting about something closer to home and fret about something worthy of being fretted about.

And now I'm sounding like that von Karma woman in those Phoenix Wright games. That or Mojo Jojo. When did I stop working for GUN and start working for the Department of Redundancy Department?

Honestly, I seem to be doing all right with Pecan and Ibby. Rosemary and Thyme say they didn't have any particular difficulties having their children. But a little part of me remembers that horror story ma would tell about Junior's--rest is soul--birth, and Edina's description of having her youngest was... unpleasant, to say the least.

Haha, I've faced deranged cultists, went undercover to uncover a dangerous terrorist, and talked back to a goddamned GOD, but I'm too nervous to piss on a fucking stick.

I'm late. I'm really, really fucking late. And I need to stand up, be a goddamned woman about this and go take that bloody test already!


3/18/08 12:50 am

Just when I needed a distraction from GUN business and Chaos Emeralds, I find a commission I requested from young Mr. Rose was finished! =8D

Miles looks lovely in blue. <3Collapse )

Isn't it wonderful? =8D He says he half-assed the background, but it's hard to pay attention when there's a fluffy-tailed fox in a strapless dress around. =XD

3/6/08 02:46 pm

Miles? Mephias? Either or both of you interested in having a drink with me after work? I think I need one. x.x

12/30/07 04:28 pm

... well. That was certainly one chat that took an unexpected turn last night. I didn't think BabylonGadgetQueen would be into that sort of thing. Hell, I've been denying I could be into that sort of thing myself until someone decided to curl up next to me in bed in a little pink nightie and invade my showers... *sigh* guess I'm just a sucker for smarts. Intelligence is sexy. <3

Miles seems to be taking it well. Perhaps it's because I let him see the chat log. =XD It was only fair to offer it, I think. I'm afraid it's given the naughty mad scientist ideas, though. This should be quite interesting. At least as interesting as my thoughts about him, me, and Wave, I hope. =8D

12/2/07 01:04 am

Well. Never expected to wind up with a remote control randomly appearing in my underwear, particularly while I'm still wearing them. I suppose I should expect even more random weirdness after all my affairs are in order and I've moved in with a certain fluffy-tailed mad scientist. Tee hee it still makes me giggly like a schoolgirl but I don't care! <3


... on a different note, I still can't believe Horrocks will be leaving GUN in the near future. To go into politics, of all things. This should prove... interesting, at the very least. Time will tell if he's cut out for it, I suppose. Still, I'll miss having a willing accomplice him at HQ...

11/10/07 10:57 pm








10/31/07 02:27 am

Damn it all, that time in Soleanna has completely thrown off my internal clock. I'm still having trouble getting to sleep. =8(

I wonder if my of my fellow guild members are online at this hour.

10/14/07 06:03 am

We succeeded. Yippie-kay-yay, mother-fucker.

Aw, who's a precious little firefly? You are! Yes, you are! Now please back away, you're melting the keyboard really I mean it ah hell brb.

10/12/07 12:35 am

In this world (You gotta make your own way)
Where one is all
In this world (Life is just a game you play)
Never fear the fall
When you leap without a net you'll find it won't be there all the time
So watch you step now, watch your step, don't fall!

Watch your step, watch your step (don't turn around!)
Watch your step, watch your step (don't turn around!)
Don't stop to look back again
Don't fall!

It won't be long until this bloody time paradox nonsense is resolved once and for all. Daddy, please watch over us...
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